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PMC Services will cover the whole period of Basic Design review, detailed engineering review and approval according to the Contract requirement , contract and procurement support, site management, coordination, communication, progress control, QA/QC, Cost Control, provisional/  final check, work acceptance, final project documentation,  project handover, HSE management and commissioning. In all the below section PMC staff shall cover but not limited to following


PMC shall be responsible in:

  •   Technical preparation of new project according to Company requirement.
  •   Engineering support during bidding of projects.
  •   Engineering management according to Contract target and requirement;
  •   Ensure EPCC contractors compliance to project schedule and engineering requirements;
  •  Review and monitoring of engineering progress and status of engineering activities;
  • Ø  Supervise the design safety and organize HAZOP exercise;
  •   Reviewing and recommending design changes;
  • Cost controlling and management of change.
Oil & Gas Manpower Supplies
  • Exploration
  • Offshore operations
  • Onshore operations
  • Field development
  • Downstream & refineries

Offshore Platform facilities:

Manpower for international offshore drilling operations.

Sub-sea & floating facilities:

Manpower for Operators, Explorers, OSP´s and EPC’s across the whole lifecycle.

Onshore Oil & Gas operations:

Manpower for international onshore drilling and maintenance operations.

How We Serve


  • In ensuring such, PMC shall follow up the followings:
  • Review and facilitate EPCC contractor to ensure compliance to Company’s /clients Approved Vendor List.
  • ØReview Bid/Requisition and Evaluation Report and selection of vendors of critical and major equipment as designs, specifications and other requirements of the Contracts, such as delivery schedule/terms, vendor representative presence/assistance during commissioning and performance test, back-up service, submission of vendor dossiers and As-built drawings.
  •  Ensure EPCC contractor expediting role is effectively functioning, manufacturing progress and shipment are closely monitored and tracked.
  •   Monitor submission and review of EPCC contractor’s procurement reports and documentation such as Third-Party Inspection Report, PO Progress Report, Material Delivery Status Report, Material/Stock Status Report and vendor final documentation.


PMC shall ensure the Contractors of Company including General Construction Contractor or EPCC contractor take full commitment and assume responsibilities to overall site coordination, construction supervision and management including the following tasks:

  • Review and comment of contractor’s construction plans, schedules and procedures;
  •   Cost Control (where applicable) monitoring and change order administration;
  •   Monitoring of construction safety requirements;
  •  Review of construction progress and status of construction activities;
  •  QA/QC activities related to each project requirement;
  • Inspection of construction activities and materials/equipment to be installed which are raised through Request for Inspection (RFI) by Contractor as per the construction procedure;
  •  Acceptance of Materials/Equipment for incorporation into construction of facilities;
  • Review and verification of Mechanical Completion requirement;
  • As-built drawings verification and submission of final documentation;
  • Scheduling and coordinating with production department to any requirement of plant shutdown for tie-in works;
  • Ø  Review, recommendation and approval from Company of any site change proposed by contractor;
  • Evaluate Field Design Changes proposed by the contractor;

Commissioning and start up

PMC shall organize and coordinate for the overall pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up co-ordination & management, including coordination for vendor representative presence/assistance during commissioning activities of critical equipment at site as per the following:

  •  Review pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures;
  •  Witness start up and performance test;
  • Recommend for issuance of Provisional Acceptance (PA) Certificate;
  •   Responsible to monitor and supervise rectifying of defective works, if any, prior to commencement of the warranty period.
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Construction Manpower

  • Asphalt worker 
  • Welder Carpenter 
  • Scaffolding Worker 
  • Concrete Worker 
  • Sandblaster Earthwork 
  • Steel Fixer Electrician 
  • Sheet Metal worker 
  • Gypsum ,Plasterer ,Fitter 
  • Mason , Rigger, Plasterer 
  • Tire man, Tiler Erector 
  • Painter ,Riggers, Plumber
  • Road Surveyors
  • AC Installer 

Engineer and technician

  1. Chemical Engineer 
  2. Planning engineer
  3. Civil Engineer
  4. Process Engineer
  5. Electrical Engineer 
  6. Production Engineer
  7.  Environment Engineer
  8.  Refrigeration
  9. Mechanic
  10. Maintenance Engineer 
  11. Safety Engineer 
  12. Instrumentation
  13. Technician
  14. Shift Engineer 
  15. Insulation

Oil & Gas

  1. Oil & Gas Manpower 
  2. Driller Maintenance
  3. Technician Drilling
  4. Engineer Petroleum
  5. Engineer Drilling
  6. Superintendent Plant
  7. Operation Engineer 
  8. Field Service
  9. Technician Wire line
  10. Operator
  11. Operations Manager
  12. Rig Superintendent
  13. Rig Manager
  14. OIM
  15. Senior Toolpusher 
  16. Toolpusher
  17. Night Pusher
  18. Driller

IT ManPower

  1. Technology Manpower 
  2. Auto Cad Draftman
  3. IT Engineer
  4. Computer Engineer
  5. IT Supporter 
  6. Computer Operator IT
  7. Technician Computer
  8. Technician Network
  9. System Administrator 
  10. Consultant/Trainer 
  11. Project Manager 

Resturant Manpower

  1. Bartender, Gardener 
  2. Waiter / Waitress 
  3. Guest Service Attendant
  4. Butcher 
  5. Cook, Hairdresser 
  6. Counter Attendant 
  7. Janitor, Dishwasher 
  8. Laundry worker,
  9. Taxi Driver
  10.  Food Maker

Manufacturing Manpower

  1. Manufacturing Manpower
  2. Aluminum & Glass worker 
  3. Processing worker 
  4. Assembler Storekeeper 
  5. Carry Man Tailor
  6. Electronic Worker 
  7. Textile worker Machine
  8. Cleaner Tire tube
  9. Repairer, Mould Cleaner 
  10. Electronic worker

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