What We Offer

Our team includes experienced, accredited technicians and professional electrical engineers. We can reduce outages, lower operating and maintenance costs, and increase production at your facility

  • Low, medium and high voltage equipment testing, troublesooting and repair, continuity tests, IR, Megger testing
  • Potective relay testing, (6.6, 11KV, 132KV, 400 KV, GIS, AIS)
  • Primary & Secondary Injection test
  • Circuit Breaker trip unit
  • Correct CT operation
  • Correct CT ratio and polarity
  • Primary and secondary circuit wiring
  • Auxiliary trip circuits (under voltage, shunt trips) and remote operation

Protection Relay Test Set

  • High-burden electromechanical relays
  • Static relays
  • Numerical relays
  • IEC 61850 IEDs (GOOSE and Sampled Values)
  • Relay panels
  • End-to-End testing with GPS or IRIG-B
  • Bus bar protection (up to 22 signal generators)


Universal Tool for Substation Commissioning

  •  Checking SCADA annunciations
  •  Burden measurement
  • CT/VT polarity checker
  • Wiring checker
  •  Plausibility check for CT/VT with primary injection


Power System Simulator

  • Transient fault simulation
  • Power swing
  • CT saturation simulation
  • CB simulation
  • Rogowski coil simulation
  • Compensated networkTransient playback


  • Switchgear Testing, interlock testing,
  • AC pressure testing
  • Ductor testing
  • CT’s – Ratio and flick tests, mag curves
  • VT’s – Ratio and polarity checks
  • Functionality checks
  • Protection testing
  • Grounding system testing, HVAC Testing
  • Control circuit troubleshooting
  • OEM support on all manufacturers’ equipment

Partial Discharge:

  • Motors and Generators
  • Cables, Terminations, and Splices
  • Transformers and Bushings
  • Switchgear
  • Breaker mechanism travel testing
  • Battery and UPS Systems testing and commissioning
  • Instrument Calibration, Loop Check,

Transformer testing

Our specialist transformer services also include:

  • Online Filtering
  • Repairing Online and Offline Tap Changers
  • Overhauling
  • General Transformer Maintenance
  • Repairing and Testing Protective Devices
  • Transformer Testing and Commissioning
  • Dissipation Factor Tests
  • Frequency Response Analysis
  • Leakage Reaction
  • Ratio
  • Winding Resistance
  • Insulation
  • Voltage Recovery

Mechanical Testing:

Commissioning and startup activities as per Client CTP or ours for all types and sizes of vessels (Above ground & on Ground & under Ground).

  • Commissioning and startup activities as per Client CTP or ours for all types and sizes of Rotary and reciprocating equipment (Compressors & Pumps).
  • Commissioning and startup activities as per Client CTP or ours for all types of Chemical skids.